Seu Canal Brasileiro no Mundo

Amaury Jr.


The program travels through the most exclusive places on the national and international jet set, interviewing personalities from the business, political and economic world, as well as famous people whose intimacies warm the public's curiosity

Quality 4K

Caio Fisher


Let's go to the party? Let's travel? Let's have lunch? No matter the situation, Caio Fischer will always be in the best places! Let's go with us!

Camila Gaio


 Fashion trends, beauty releases and relationship stories, but always to make you laugh.

How to dress well spending little? What look to wear to be the bridesmaid of a beach wedding? What are the latest make news? 

Antonia Frering


Here, we are going to talk about fashion, beauty, health, the feminine universe and much more!

Empresários de Sucesso


Successful Entrepreneurs, aims to present entrepreneurs from different sectors, who through their companies and innovative ideas have gained prominence among consumers.

Open House


Here you will find decoration tips, DIY projects and everything that is going on in the decoration world


Hi! I’m Jackie


American teacher from Chicago, married to a Brazilian.

My MISSION is to help you improve your English so that you can improve your life and consequently help other people.

Expedicão Aventura


Richard Rasmussen is a presenter, economist, biologist and naturalist. he has a spontaneous and irreverent way of caring for and relating to animals.

Bastidores com Neide Oliveira


Is a novelty that brings backstage interviews with the artists in our studios. Neide interviews renowned artists in the music business.. You will be even closer to your idols!